Terms & Conditions

1. Definition of Terms



Our client, whose name is recorded overleaf, as the user and/or the buyer of our services.


UK Digital Solutions (UK) Limited. Registered Office: Fields House, Old Field Road, Bocam Park, Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 5LJ, and where applicable to its officers, employees and authorised agents.


The Quotation supplied by 'Us' to 'You' for proposed payment for the 'Website' you instruct us to Design and Build on your behalf.

Our Website

http://www.ukds.net and any other website address we may use in addition to or substitution for it. Your Website

The proposed development instructed by You to Us in connection to the Quotation supplied.


The period during which the Design and Build of your website is in operation.


The fees to be paid by you to us in accordance with the Quotation.


Any Design work completed in connection with the Quotation supplied by Us to You.


Any Web Development work completed in connection with the Quotation supplied by Us to You.

2. Agreement


2.1 You request us and we agree to provide you with marketing services, as outlined within your Quotation for the Fees agreed within your Quotation. These conditions apply to and govern the legal relationship between You and Us when You ask Us to produce work for You and we agree to do so. Please read them carefully. This agreement shall continue until final repayment of any outstanding Fees, unless it should have been terminated beforehand in accordance with section 6.

2.2 These conditions will apply in place of any terms and conditions you or your business may have.

2.3 When using our services you represent to us that all orders for our goods and services which you submit will be for business purposes only and within the scope of your authority to make contracts on behalf of the business for which our services are required.

2.4 You agree that you will use Our Website only for the purpose of the business you represent and will not exploit Our Website or any of its contents commercially.

3. Your responsibilities


3.1 You will provide to us on request with information relating to Your Website. This will include but will not be limited to details of your required graphics, copy, layout and product portfolio.

3.2 It is your responsibility in dealing with Us to ensure that all the information you provide to Us is accurate and complete, and that any changes to your order will be agreed once we have accepted it.

3.3 You will protect and maintain confidentiality of your account with Us, and restrict unauthorised access to and use of your customer reference number with Us. You must inform Us immediately if You are aware or believe someone else has or may have had unauthorised access to your account with Us.

3.4 You agree to be responsible for all transactions between Us and You in response to orders made by You.

3.5 You must be 18 years of age or over and have the legal capacity to make contracts to order work from Us.

3.6 You will sign any necessary Terms and Conditions or any other documents that we may require in order to complete the Your Website or provide you with other marketing services.

3.7 You will consult with us in relation to Your Website and in relation to any alterations to it or reviews of it. Your Fees to us will need to be amended to reflect any reasonable changes which your requirements dictate. You will make payments to us under and in accordance with the Quotation promptly and without any deductions.

3.8 Non-contact from you for a period of 1 month will be considered cancellation of the agreement. If any Fees are owing by You to Us for work completed to date these must be paid within 28 days of our written request. Any Fees paid by You to Us prior to and including this point, are non-refundable.

3.9 You must not send or use material that is illegal, obsene, abusive, offensive or defamatory.

3.10 You must not send or use material that is in breach of copyright, trademark, privacy or any other intellectual property right.

3.11 You must not send or use material that contains software viruses or spam.

3.12 If you do not maintain regular payments in accordance with our Fees, we will suspend any action on your account.

4. Our responsibilities


4.1 We will Design and Build Your Website in accordance with the Quotation sent to you at the point of enquiry, and within timeframes agreed with You prior to instruction. If these timeframes require evaluation, we will discuss with You and agree new timeframes to be in place.

4.2 If the goods we deliver are not what you ordered, or are damaged or defective, or You do not receive your order, we shall have no liability to You unless You notify Us in writing at our registered office address; Fields House, 9 Old Field Road, Bocam Park, Pencoed, Bridgend, CF35 5LJ within 10 days of the date of delivery or as appropriate of the date we notified you of the availability for collection of your goods.

4.3 If You notify Us of a problem under condition 4.2 we shall have the right: to either:

4.3.1 To make good any shortage or non-delivery;

4.3.2 To replace or repair any goods that are damaged or defective; or

4.3.3 To refund to You at our discretion all or part of the amount You paid for the goods in question.

4.4 We will not be liable to You except as required by law for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expenses (Including, but not limited to, loss of profit, business income or goodwill) however it arises, whether You notify Us of the problem or not under condition 4.3.

4.5 We shall have no liability to pay You back any money by way of compensation or refund except in accordance with condition 4.3.3 or otherwise as required by law.

4.6 You must observe and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations including if we ask You to do so, all necessary customer imports.

4.7 A legally binding contract between You and Us comes into existence when we accept your order in accordance with condition 2.1.

4.8 The company takes any complaint regarding its practices very seriously. Any complaints should be sent in writing to the Complaints Officer who will respond to correspondence within 14 days.

5. Special Offers and Promotions


5.1 Free Business Packs will be issued with every purchase, regardless of price. Business packs include two free e-books, which will be sent electronically to You.

5.2. Fields Group Insurance will insure the total value of the Website Quotation in the event that UK Digital Solutions breach any of the terms and conditions set out within this agreement.

6. Refund Requests


6.1 If our Head of Technical Development feels that the Quotation issued is grossly under sold, we reserve the right to cancel your account with Us, and refund any Fees paid for our services.

6.2 You cannot cancel your contract with Us once we have accepted your order, and if You do so, no refunds for any Fees paid to date will be issued unless in accordance with condition 6.1.

6.3 We may cancel your contract with Us once we have accepted your order if we are unable to provide the services You have requested for any reason beyond our reasonable control, or You provide Us with any information in respect of your order which in our opinion is misleading or incomplete, or, if You require our services or goods for an illegal purpose.

6.4 If we cancel the contract with You, we will be under no legal obligation to pay You any compensation. Any deposits or Fees paid will be non-refundable unless we cancel your order under condition 6.1.

6.5 We reserve the right to change the price of our goods and services at any time.

6.6 When we accept your order, we will confirm the total price that You will be asked to pay by way of email or proforma invoice.

6.7 Any quotation we send You for goods and services will be valid for six months from date of Quotation.

7. Termination of agreement


7.1 If for any reason you wish to cancel, you may end this agreement by giving us four weeks' notice in writing, however no refunds will be issued in accordance with condition 6.2.

7.2 We may end this agreement by giving you four weeks' notice in writing if any one of the following things happen:

  • You breach this agreement and do not remedy the breach within seven days of our bringing the breach to your attention;
  • We fail to hear from You for a period of 1 month;
  • You refuse to provide Us with required information to complete Your Website as outlined in condition 3.1;
  • Where the information provided to us is knowingly incorrect, illegal or defamatory;
  • The information provided by you at the time of accepting your order is deemed incorrect or fraudulent by any governing body; or
  • If we are affected by Force Majeure.